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September 2021 In The Garden

September 2021

It might be the blossom on the trees, the daffodils showing off their bright colours, the lawns growing like mad, the dash to buy seed, the increasing humidity or in our case, a kitchen table full of germinating summer seedlings. Wherever you are, there are signs that the season is changing and for many Australian gardeners it is going to be a busy month ahead.

September is the prime time to plant your tomato seeds in all but tropical climates. Warmth is the key for good germination, so ensure you start your seeds in a warm sunny spot and remember to not let them dry out. Seeds planted now, especially in cool climates or areas prone to frost can be on-potted in a few weeks and ready to plant out early November. For extra tomato growing information visit our blog here.

Lettuce is such a simple crop to grow and so rewarding and in no time you can be eating your own leaves. Parris Island Cos, a stunning heirloom variety, is a great tasting lettuce that will form a compact head but leaves can be picked as needed or wait and pick the whole plant at once. If loose leaf is your preference, Australian Yellow Leaf is a pick and come again variety, developed here in Australia, it is tolerant to much warmer conditions. Remember to stagger your sowing to keep you in a steady supply through spring and summer.

Chilli and Capsicum can be sown across all zones this month, the warm weather in more tropical locations makes germination a breeze, but for those in other climates the fluctuating temperatures in spring can make germination a little more difficult. For best results, use a heat mat or sow your seeds indoors in a warm and sunny spot. Much like tomatoes, capsicums and chillies do well when on-potted and planted out at a larger size when temperatures are warmer.

Eggplants can also be started undercover in cool, arid and temperate climates this month. Tropical gardeners continue to sow seed or plant out seedlings. Florida Market is wonderful everyday variety while Long Purple produces large amounts of thing long firm eggplants, perfect to dice up and have in a stir-fry or curry. Eggplants love the heat so until temperatures warm up in your area, keep well protected or grow on and plant out once the weather is warm.

Radishes can be sown now in all climates, so easy to grow and so tasty. Plant a few seeds each week for a continued supply. While radishes make for a crunchy peppery hit in a salad, did you know that radishes can be roasted as well, roasting reduces the pepperiness and brings out a more sweet and earthy flavor.

Basil is a loved herb and makes a great companion plant to your tomatoes. Plant basil in all climate zones this month. Genovese is a large leafed variety, strong in flavour and great for pesto and bold flavouring while Sweet Italian is much milder in flavour and a great everyday basil. Both varieties are well suited to growing in pots.


Remember, our planting guides are simply guides for optimal planting times and with a little observation on your specific conditions or even some extra protection from the coldest weather, you could still be planting and harvesting from your patch throughout winter.

Happy Gardening

Vegetable, herb and flower seeds to plant September 2021


In Cool Climates

PFF – Protect from frost

* Last chance to plant or sow

In Temperate Climates

*Last chance to plant or sow

In Hot/Arid Climates

PFF – Protect From Frost

* Last chance to plant or sow

In Tropical Climates

* Last chance to plant or sowFlorida Market eggplants on a table



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