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Purple Top White Globe turnip in the ground

July In The Garden

July 2022 Vegetable, herb and flower seeds to plant in July In Cool Climates Broccoli – Sow in punnets undercover or plant out seedlings Broad Beans – Sow direct* Cauliflower – Sow in punnets undercover* or plant out seedlings Kale –  Sow in punnets undercover* or plant out seedlings Lettuce – Sow direct, in punnets…

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Pansy in June Frost

June In The Garden

June 2022 Vegetable, herb and flower seeds to plant in June In Cool Climates Broccoli – Sow in punnets undercover or plant out seedlings Broad Beans – Sow direct Cabbage – Plant out seedlings* Cauliflower – Sow in punnets undercover* or plant out seedlings Kale –  Plant out seedlings Kohlrabi – Plant out seedlings Lettuce…

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Seed Saving in clasped hands

In Focus – 7 Reasons Why is Seed Saving So Good?

Seed saving has been a fun and productive pastime since the day dot & the reason why we have food from crops today. Some of the many benefits to saving your own heirloom seeds include climatised crops, zero cost (on seeds purchasing), zero chemicals, creating stronger communities by swapping viable, fresh seeds & always having…

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Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins on a table

Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins

What to do when your pumpkin patch produces more than you thought?   Make Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate muffins of course!   This easy to make recipe brings the right amount of tasty spice and sweetness to your morning tea! Perfect for that decadent snack (and somewhat healthy too)! INGREDIENTS 2 cups self raising flour 1.5 cups…

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Green heads of broccoli

In Focus – Brilliant Broccoli

In these modern times, it is hard to find a vegetable crisper or shopping basket that is void of broccoli. For so many Australian families broccoli has become a kitchen staple and with a few tips you could be harvesting this amazing vegetable grown from seed in your own patch – saving you pennies and…

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Delcious Carrot top pesto in a white bowl

Delicious Carrot Top Pesto

We love to use as much of our produce as we can, we use the stalks of broccoli in soups and stews and the leaves of beetroot in salads. So, naturally, when a good friend told us she used her carrot tops to make a delicious pesto we were both intrigued and excited! This simple…

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Rhubarb cake on a plate with a jug of cream

Rhubarb Yoghurt Cake

Perfectly balanced by the tartness of the rhubarb and the sweetness of the sugar crumb, this wonderful cake can be served for afternoon tea or is equally as good served warm as a delicious dessert with lashings of cream or custard. Rhubarb is a firm favourite in our garden and once you try this cake…

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Four different types of mulch

Marvellous Mulch

With an ever-warming climate and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, there has never been a better time to understand the joys of mulch.  Mulch is an integral part of our vegetable and ornamental gardening journey, read on for all the reasons to add mulch to your gardening routine. What is Mulch? Mulch, quite simply, is a…

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Old seed box

Sowing Seed

There is something special about planting a seed, tending to it and watching it grow into a strong healthy plant. It is such a simple joy and one we humans have done for an eternity, but, for many in today’s modern world the thought of growing their own vegetables, herbs or flowers from seed can…

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These Money Maker Tomatoes produces large red fruit on a climbing vine.

In Focus – Tasty Tomatoes

Eating fresh homegrown tomatoes is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you are planting and growing tomatoes for saucing, salads or anything in between, there is a variety to suit your needs. With a few basic tips you can easily grow your own tomatoes from seed in your vegetable garden or balcony. Climbing (indeterminate) varieties…

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silverbeet quiche on old wooden table

Silverbeet Quiche

With silverbeet now picking in many vegetable gardens and others still sowing seed and seedlings, this delicious but simple quiche is perfect for a weekend lunch or light dinner. Alternatively, serve with a fresh salad for a complete meal. We made this recipe with rainbow chard, but leafy greens such as spinach or mizuna will…

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Person composting vegetables scraps in a bin

Compost And Composting

Welcome to our first blog.  When we started to think about a topic to write for our very first blog we began brainstorming about what we wish we had known when we started our journey.  A long list of ideas were drawn (some will feature in upcoming blogs) and discussed – in length. Finally, alongside…

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