Tell us about your garden, your inspirations, successes & even your challenges.  We’d love you to be involved & share your story with the Farmhouse Community, so please email us with little about what you’re doing in your patch & a photo or two.  When we get to feature your story, we’ll send you a couple of packets of seeds as a thank you!

We’ll also be giving shout-outs to those organisations that are working tirelessly to help make their communities amazing.
Remember to nominate the star organisation in your local community on
the ‘Community Packs‘ page!

Community Stars – Food Is Free Inc.

We have been following Lou and her team of volunteers at Food is Free Inc for a number of years now and we are so happy to be able to offer a Farmhouse Seeds ‘Community Pack’ to this amazing organisation.  Food is Free Inc has two distinct arms to it’s operation.  Firstly, ‘The Laneway’ (an actual Laneway) is a space in suburban Ballarat, Victoria where people can drop off or collect surplus nutritious food including vegetables, fruit and herbs as well as seeds, cuttings and seedlings.  All for free. This drop off and collection space provides a wonderful opportunity for members of the public to connect and share, often with others with whom they might not usually have the opportunity to do so.  Secondly,  ‘The Green Space’ – is a food growing hub literally connecting the community and volunteers by focusing on growing nutrient rich food while celebrating and embracing sustainable practices such as composting, recycling and seed saving. They also run regular workshops and are actively engaged in local revegetation projects.

With over 70 volunteers on the go, they have a focus on people who are experiencing disadvantage, this not-for-profit group is run by the community of Ballarat (Victoria) to promote food security, community cohesion and inclusion. What can be better than that?

Visit their website for more information on what amazing community work they are doing or to get involved.   

Community Stars – Shannon’s Bridge

Located in the beautiful Central Victorian town of Creswick, Shannon’s Bridge is working tirelessly to make life a little easier for those who are facing end-of-life by connecting them with relevant services and often much needed support networks. Shannon’s Bridge continually connects and trains volunteers in rural towns on how they to can support those in their communities that are facing these tough times.

Drawing on volunteers and community members, Shannon’s Bridge recently turned a long held dream and vision into reality by creating a wonderful large scale sensory garden in the old grounds of the property.  ‘The Sensory Garden’ will provide a beautiful and calming place for everyone to enjoy!   We are proud that with your help, our seeds will be a part of this amazing project.

Please visit their website to find out more about this wonderful organisation or to get involved.

We look forward to watching this beautiful garden grow.

Your Stories – Nafez & David from Yandoit

David and Nafez are from Yandoit in Central Victoria, a beautiful rural location between Daylesford and Castlemaine. Over the recent lock-down period they have expanded their vegetable garden substantially, converting an old large water tank into 4 large garden beds, including a dedicated wild flower bed – a perfect way for this old tank to see out its days.

We also love to see egg cartons being used to raise seeds such a great secondary use of a product and one that be composted once seedlings have been transplanted.

How great are these raised garden beds – Many hours of wheel barrowing compost and soil we are told.

Your Stories – Paul & Kel from Williamstown

Paul and Kel from Williamstown in Melbourne sent us some pictures of their vegetable growing journey.

Having always tinkered with growing, over the lockdown period they have really ramped up production in their courtyard garden. We think they are doing a cracking job. They also let us know that after having had so many lettuce seeds germinate they have on-potted them into tubs and will be giving them away as gifts. This makes our heart sing as this is what Farmhouse Seeds is all about – growing a bit too much and sharing and with neighbours, family, friends and the community.

Paul and Kel have a lot growing in their courtyard garden including, lettuce, tomato, beans, bunching onions and carrots. How good do those lettuce pots look!

Thanks Paul and Kel for sharing.