Free shipping on 'Seed Only' orders over $35
Free shipping on 'Seed Only'
orders over $35

Sustainable & Freshly Packed Seeds

Based in regional Victoria, Farmhouse Seeds was created by partners David Ryan and Jay Hill from a dream of living a sustainable life while running a business that is, at it’s core, ethically sound and promotes community and abundance. Farmhouse Seeds believes nutrient rich food should be accessible and affordable. We aim to offer a supportive journey where anyone can grow nutrient packed tasty vegetables at home. We are learning all the time and want to share this with you.

Easily grow affordable, nutrient packed vegetables and herbs with support and inspiration, knowing we are right there cheering you on.

Whether it’s about increasing your vitamin intake for overall health, for financial or environmental reasons, we’ll show you how to have a productive patch without the stress!

We stock mostly heirloom variety seeds, so you have the choice to seed-save for next season, or of course, we are already doing that for you. They are hardy seeds, more often than not have a naturally higher pest resistance and are jam-packed with so much more flavour!

  • Locally-grown = sustainable.
  • Home-grown reduces pesticides, chemicals and transport miles.
  • Freshly picked vegetables have more nutrients than older store-bought alternatives.

The environmental and climate impacts of growing vegetables from seed at home is phenomenal. No food miles means reduced emissions, no mechanical processing, no unnecessary plastic packaging, no chemical leaching into our food and ground water systems and no shelf life extending gas or commercial fridge cooling systems. Reducing the need for fossil fuels can only benefit our health and community.

By reducing the chemicals we consume and increasing the nutrients in our vegetables, we feel and look younger and live more vibrant lives!

Financially, the average price of store-bought vegetables averages around $6 per kilo which is $6000 per tonne. With our regular blogs and information, we can help you grow up to an entire tonne at home a fraction of that cost.

The World Health Organisation says adults need to eat at least 150kg of fresh vegetables per year to stay healthy, so why not maximise the health benefits with the freshest and healthiest possible produce. For more information on staying healthy, visit the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Diet Fact Page.

We are an environmentally conscious company that packs our seeds in plastic-free packaging and employs environmentally friendly packaging to send through the mail system. Constantly finding new ways to reduce waste, maintain caring business practices and offsetting impacts we don’t have full control over.

Start growing your food from seed today.


To have each and every community growing and sharing sustainable, nutritious home grown produce.


To provide our customers with fundamental, relevant and sound knowledge, inspiration and resources to grow sustainable, conscious, affordable and nutrient rich produce as an alternative to compromised store-bought options.


We value being conscious about the decisions that impact our health and environment. This conscious care extends to all parts of our lives.

We reuse. We recycle. We repurpose.