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Basella Rubra

Malabar Red (Ceylon) Spinach

Tasting the same as its green cousin (Green Malabar) this vigorous climbing vine with striking red stem thrives in warm conditions when true spinach can often struggle. Growing as a perennial in warmer climates or an annual in cooler, plant in full sun or part shade in moist well fertilised soil.

The large thick leaves have a slight lemon and pepper flavour and can be used fresh or cooked as you would true spinach.

Germination can take up to 3 weeks however to speed things along, lightly scratch with a knife or sandpaper and soak seeds for 24 hours before planting. For best results grow on trellis or similar.




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60-70 Days

Cool Climate

Sow in Oct-Jan

Temperate Climate

Sow in Sep-Jan

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Sow in Sep-Jan

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All Year

Health & Culinary

While technically not spinach, when cooked the larger older leaves taste very similar.Leaves do loose the red vibrancy when cooked. Used fresh in a mixed salad young leaves add a slight pepper and lemon flavour. Often sauteed with chilli, onion and herbs as a tasty side dish.

A wonderful vegetable full of iron and vitamins A&C