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October 2021 In The Garden

October 2021

With the days getting longer and for several states, daylight savings starting this month, there is a real sense of urgency to get seeds sown and plans in place for the summer ahead. If you haven’t thought about your summer garden just yet, don’t fear, there is still plenty of time to get those beds prepared and your seeds planted.

Tomatoes are the talk of the town and depending on your climate, you may already be watching your seedlings grow or for those in warmer, more tropical locations, enjoying the fruits of your labour. If you haven’t started your seeds just yet, have a look at our tomato page for a wonderful selection in a mixture of colours, shapes, size and culinary uses. Remember to sow seeds in a warm and sunny spot and keep soil moist for best germination. For extra tips on getting the most from your tomatoes, don’t forget our ‘Tomato in Focus’ Blog.

Beetroot can be sown in all but tropical zones this month. Seeds can be sown in punnets or planted directly into the ground and for best results, oversow, then thin accordingly if planting directly. As well as producing a tasty root, beetroots are often grown for their striking and delicious leaves that make a great addition to any salad. Remarkably hardy in hot and cold weather, we often leave several beetroots in the ground simply for an ongoing supply of leaves.

Sage is a perennial herb that can be sown in all climate zones this month. While often grown from a cutting, they will do equally well when grown from seed. Sow a few extra seeds now and give them away as gifts this Christmas. Marjoram is another herb that will grow well from seed and can be sown in all but the warmest of climates. For many, marjoram may only live as an annual but if you have a mild winter, you may see your marjoram becoming perennial. Both herbs will grow well in pots and produce a mass of flowers that will attract all the good beneficials. Additional watering in the warmer weather will be required to keep your herbs productive and healthy.

With so much thought going towards what vegetables and herbs to plant this month don’t forget, it’s a great time to get some beneficial flowers sown. Marigolds are a true classic that deserve a spot in every vegie patch or on every balcony. In warmer climates, sow direct or in punnets or if you are in a cool climate, so in punnets now and plant out with your summer vegetables in a few weeks. If small and dainty is your preference, you cannot go past our Petite mix or if it’s something big and showy you are after, Crackerjack is a firm favourite. Marigolds not only help fight soil pests, but are the superstars at attracting beneficial insects and pollinators.

Cool, Temperate and Arid gardeners continue to sow eggplants, capsicum and chilli seeds in punnets or pot on to larger pots if needed for a few more weeks or until soil temperature has increased. Keep punnets and pots in a warm sunny spot for best growth and germination.

As tempting as it may be to get your summer vegetables in the ground, if you live in a cool climate and are experiencing nights below 10c or are still having frosts, hold off another few weeks until the risk of frost passes and the soil temperature has begun to warm up. A tomato planted now into cold soil will end up stunted or no further ahead than those planted out in warmer conditions in a few weeks.

Remember, our planting guides are simply guides for optimal planting times and with a little observation on your specific conditions or even some extra protection from the coldest weather, you could still be planting and harvesting from your patch throughout winter.

Take care, sow well and happy gardening.

Vegetable, herb and flower seeds to plant October 2021


In Cool Climates

PFF – Protect from frost

* Last chance to plant or sow

In Temperate Climates

*Last chance to plant or sow

In Hot/Arid Climates

PFF – Protect From Frost

* Last chance to plant or sow

In Tropical Climates

* Last chance to plant or sowMarjoram Herb



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