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June In The Garden

June 2021

Gardeners in northern Australia are the envy of their southern counterparts over winter as milder temperatures make for a productive time to be out in the garden growing a huge range of vegetables, herbs and flowers that would struggle to grow and thrive in southern gardens. While the choices of what to plant in cooler climates are somewhat reduced, it is not all bad news as there are a number of tasty and hardy vegetables that will handle cooler temperatures without blinking an eye.

Continue to sow Broad beans across most locations this month. Extremely cold hardy, they will grow slowly and steadily throughout the winter and provide you with delicious pods once the weather begins to warm in spring. They can be prone to wind damage so, as the plant reaches maturity, ensure adequate support is given.

Lettuce can be sown across all climate zones in June. Remarkably tough, preferring temperatures on the cooler side than the heat of summer where it can easily bolt. Now is a great time to get this quick growing staple crop into the ground. Seeds can be sown direct but starting in punnets is recommended. When planting out in cooler months, plant in full sun and in a sheltered position. For hearting varieties, you can’t go past the classic iceberg while for loose leaf, try an Australian heirloom variety “Australian Yellow Leaf”. While most varieties will handle a light frost, stick with cos varieties in cool climates for best results.

Onions can also be sown in all climate zones this month, for best results at this time of year sow seed in punnets. Although they are cold tolerant, onions will need good warmth to germinate. If you are all in a cool climate, start indoors in a warm sunny spot or on a heat mat for good germination. Hold off transplanting seedlings until they mature enough where you can see swelling or little bulbs starting to form at the base. Onions are not the fastest crop to grow but they take up minimal room and once harvested store well. With a little successive planting and patience you can be enjoying home grown onions almost all year round.

Tropical gardeners sow carrots now, ensure soil is soft and free draining to allow good root penetration and to avoid “wonky” carrots. ‘All seasons’ is a great all-round variety that is tasty and matures well without getting woody. Always plant carrots direct into the ground as transplanting will almost certainly damage the roots and provide stunted growth. To encourage good root growth do not apply extra compost or fertilizer. Doing so will provide wonderful carrot tops, which will make for a great pesto however, this will be at the expense of the root.
Remember, our planting guides are simply guides for optimal planting times and with a little observation on your specific conditions or even some extra protection from the coldest weather, you could still be planting and harvesting from your patch throughout winter.

Happy Gardening

Vegetable, herb and flower seeds to plant June 2021

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Beetroot Leaves
Beetroot Leaves


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