April In The Garden


April 2021

April really is gold star month in a gardeners diary and across much of the country, temperatures are mild and rainfall is good. If you have been busy harvesting the last of your summer crops and haven’t started sowing your winter vegetables it isn’t too late. Getting seeds sown now while the soil is still warm and the days still long will ensure germination rates are high and maximum seedling growth is achieved before the cool, short days of winter creep in and growth begins to slow.

Remember those pesky cabbage moths will still be around in many climate zones for a number of weeks yet, so protect young seedlings to avoid them becoming caterpillar food.

Turnips and swedes can be sown in all climates this month and will easily hold up well if your area has frosts. Once a staple in every vegetable garden, turnips and swedes have fallen out of favour in recent years, however once you enjoy these classic vegetables, we are sure they will once again be a regular in your patch. Sow seed directly into shallow trenches and lightly cover. Oversow seeds by 20-30% and thin to strongest seedlings and correct spacing once germination has occurred.

Broad beans are an excellent addition to autumn and winter gardens. Hardy, they will stand up to heavy frosts and after growing slowly through the winter will reward you with delicious pods come spring. Broad beans are also a great crop to follow after heavy feeders such as tomatoes and corn. They will fix nitrogen back into your soil and once the pods have been harvested the bushes can be dug directly into the garden, again increasing your soil health. Broad beans will need support as they reach maturity. This can be achieved by placing stakes around the perimeter of your bed and using Twine or Soft Tie to create a criss cross pattern – as the beans grow they will grow between the string and in turn be supported.

Beetroot can be sown in all climates this month. For something a little different, why not try the ‘Chioggia’ variety with its red and white rings, it really is stunning. If you are worried about beetroot juice staining your clothes then ‘Burpee Golden’ is the variety for you. Same great taste without the staining and really is a great tasty choice. Beetroot will grow well through the cool of winter, however frost can knock young seedlings around.

Tropical gardeners you can start to sow carrot seeds this month. Paris Market, with its small round golf ball size is a great variety for those who have shallow soil or for those who want to grow in pots. Cosmic Purple is a great full size carrot that tastes as good as it looks. For best results sow carrots direct into well cultivated soil and do not overfeed.

As autumn takes hold and deciduous trees lose their leaves, remember that dry leaves add great carbon to compost bins and make for a wonderful, cost effective mulch.
For more information on growing from seed, check out our Seed blog packed full of useful information for getting the most out of your patch.

Happy Gardening!!!!

Vegetable, herb and flower seeds to plant April 2021


In Cool Climates

CM – Protection from Cabbage moth will be required.

* Last chance to plant or sow

In Temperate Climates

CM – Protection from Cabbage moth will be required.

* Last chance to plant or sow

In Hot/Arid Climates

HS – Heat sensitive, protect from afternoon sun.

CM – Protection from Cabbage moth will be required.

* Last chance to plant or sow

In Tropical Climates

* Last chance to plant or sowChioggia beetroot cut to see the red and white rings



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