Matricaria Chamomilla

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Chamomile – German

Chamomile – German

Also known as True Chamomile, this variety produces beautiful daisy like flowers with white petals and a yellow button center.

The flowers are very aromatic and when dried, they are used for making a calming tea. Chamomile can be successfully grown in containers and loves a sunny position. Beautiful effect planted in drifts and en-mass.

Remember to plant after last chance of frost.

Health & Culinary Notes

  • German chamomile is known to have a vast range of health benefits. Loaded with anti-oxidants, it is mainly known for its calming effects.
  • Dried and steeped in hot water to make lovely caffeine-free tea, chamomile is often drank before bed and is believed to help with a restful sleep.
  • Also used as an effective hair conditioner.


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